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Just the other day I had a class of elementary school students. I had to find something to do with "Where do you want to go?" and "I want to go to [country name]". There was even a list of countries in the textbook. I couldn't imagine that any of the kids would want to go to any of the countries they didn't already know about, so I got pictures of foods from each of the countries to show them, to help make their decisions.

Of course, preparing that list was really hard. The first country was Italy, and I open up Google and an hour later I'm still drooling over pictures of gelato and cannoli. France also took me an hour, because all the bloggers went, "What was good in France?? ... EVERYTHING."-- and then they list how rich the butter was and how good the bread was and what kinds of things go in a crepe and I kind of forget about my goal. So by the last countries on my list, I just grab the first thing that comes up, like for "Brazil desserts": that was this description of cartola (found at Street Smart Brazil), which is a deep-fried banana topped with slightly gooey cheese, cinnamon, and sugar.

Of course the kids go nuts for the food pictures. I showed them the deep-fried banana and they all go, "That looks so good!" I said, "Thanks. --Can you tell what it is?" "No, but it looks really good anyway!" And I explain what it is, and everyone goes "I want to try it!" (The ful mudammas was not so popular, but everyone already knows about the pyramids.) They all did play the game too, and for my last class, they wouldn't stop playing even when the bell rang. So I guess I can count this one as a success.

On a related note, today when I was coming home from shopping, there was a lady distributing leaflets at my apartment. "I do English classes for 4 and 5 year olds. Do you have any small children?" she asked me. "No, I don't," I said, "and I'm a native English speaker, so I'm afraid I wouldn't quite be in the market." "Oh! Are you Mark-sensei? Everyone in the area was talking about you! They say that you taught them about Halloween!" (Which I did; I played monster games and gave them candy.)
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