Marie Antoinette's pastry slave (mark356) wrote,
Marie Antoinette's pastry slave

party thoughts

Now that I've had people over lots of times, I've figured out what the hardest part of planning is. It's not the food. Even if it takes me a couple of days to put together a 7-course banquet, most of the time just a few dishes you can throw together in an afternoon are fine. In fact, if you tell people to bring food, you don't even really need to make anything. (I do so love to go all-out every once in a while, though!)

No, the hard part of planning a party is the people. There's never a day that works for everyone. Some people are picky about guests-- they say they only want to go to a party with mostly people they know. If that's the case you have to ask all of the people who they know who you also know, and if the stars aren't lining up, it doesn't happen. Otherwise people always have something going on. It's particularly bad here, where people get out of work late and get to bed early, and where teachers often have to supervise club activities that can stretch late into the night. But even accounting for that, I seem to have the hardest time getting people together. Maybe my parties are just always too boring?

I want to have a small gathering on Friday, but right now I'm at 2 yeses and four maybes. Since "maybes" are almost always "no"s, I'm debating cancelling.

That said, if I don't cancel, I'm thinking about desserts. Stone fruits are in season, so I could do a fruit salad like this one from Melissa Clarke, where you soak the fruits in a syrup flavored with star anise and hot pepper. I tried it and it's very lovely. Also, some people like to poach plums with a little rosemary, and since a friend just gave me a lot of fresh rosemary she grew, I could do that. I've also been meaning to try any of those lemon-and-rosemary desserts, like lemon bars with a rosemary crust, that were so popular a couple years ago. Or I could do what I just had today-- I thickened some spicy chai tea with just enough gelatin to make it a spoon food rather than a beverage, and I topped it with just a bit of whipped cream. One of the people who's a pretty definite yes has offered to teach me how they do baklava in Egypt. There's so many options!

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