August 26th, 2007

was sleeping


I suppose that the reason I went to the Thick as Thieves concert on Thursday starts with the Akatsuki/ The Stand Up concert I went to in Nagoya in February. I remember how startled I was at the tiny size of the concert hall: about the size of my living room. (To date I have not been to one smaller.) And I remember standing about four feet away from the stage (that is, about halfway to the back). When Akatsuki was playing, the guitars were amplified so loud that I could feel my clothes vibrating on my body. The three rows of people in front of me were rocking out as hard as I've ever seen anyone do. I felt as if I were in the very front row of a whole stadium. And when the singer stretched out his hand over the audience, almost touching several hands (and mine), I thought, "OMG, I've almost touched the hand of a rockstar!" This was despite the fact that I'd never heard of Akatsuki before then, and the mixing was so bad that I could hardly hear the vocalist over the guitars. When the vocalist later shook my hand, I felt honored.

So I wondered, afterwards, if maybe I wouldn't enjoy going to any sufficiently loud rock concert? Collapse )
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