October 25th, 2007

forgot to sleep by amaralen

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One of the recent (for me) developments on campus is the random cell-phone phone booths scattered around the library (and probably other parts of campus too). Because cell phones are prohibited in most parts of the library, and if you really need to make a call, all you need is a little bit of sealed-off space, they're little metal cylinders, with some ventilation system, and clear plastic sliding doors.

I absolutely adore these things. Almost every time I see one, I step inside it and just stand there for a few minutes. As I do not have a cell phone, I could never use them to make calls. But being the shape they are, they remind me of a lot of things: Time machines. Transport devices. Tanning booths. Cold sleep booths. Sensory deprivation chambers.

Of course, these booths don't have any of the machinery that would turn them into any of those things. All they are is ventilated cylinders. You go into them and are sealed off in a little tube of metal from the outside world. All you hear is the hum of the ventilation, and all you see is the metal sides. Nothing will ever happen in there without more machinery; you can't do anything in any of them. But somehow, every time I come out of one, I feel refreshed and recharged somewhat, as if that were what they were there for.