October 27th, 2007

was sleeping

Halloween notes

It's less than a week to Halloween, and apparantly at UMass, that means that everyone who wants to gets to dress up. By now, it's quite commonplace to see, say, a girl with huge purple wings or a boy in full pirate getup in the dining hall, or to just randomly see someone in costume anywhere. Just now, dodging back to my room for a break in studying, I saw one of my hallmates dressed as Poison Ivy, with her bf dressed as a punk beside her.

I almost feel that this season has just snuck up on me. A month ago, I was thinking like this: "What shall I dress as for Halloween? I wonder if I could pull off the schoolboy thing again. Or maybe, for something different, I could go as a witch-- I'd have to get a wig and a hat and acquire big witchy robes and all, but that shouldn't be too hard to get ahold of. I wonder where I should buy them? Or maybe I should make a toga-- I still have the photocopies for the design for one from that Lillian Wilson book that I made before the last toga party I didn't go to. Well, anyway, I still have a month to do things with; I don't need to worry about things just yet."

And now it's this season, and I don't have a spare minute until Halloween itself-- seriously! I have a presentation on Monday on suicide missions that's worth 30% of my grade in one course, and on Tuesday I have to turn in some demographic research that I should have been spending the last two weeks on, then Tuesday night I'll have to catch up on reading for my other courses. So I won't have time to make or acquire anything I don't have already until Wednesday afternoon, which sounds pretty bad to me. In fact, if I need to procrastinate on the research for my Monday presentation, I should be studying Latin or reading Einhard's Life of Charlemagne right now.

So it is with amusement and a bit of wistfulness that I'm watching the veritible parade that's going on right now-- I wish I could join them, but even if I can't, there's nothing wrong with enjoying seeing, say, random troupes of gypsies walk by.