November 8th, 2007

was sleeping

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Feelings of the week:

-Feeling of eating pizza at the Mt Holyoke student union: absolutely fabulous. Any other pizza is cardboard by comparison.

-Feeling of catching a catnap at 4:00 in the morning in the geology lounge in Mt Holyoke right by a reproduction of a skeleton of a giant sloth while pulling an all-nighter to write historical geography paper for course there: very, very strange.

-Feeling of emailing a professor the very worst paper I've ever written at 9:12 in the morning the day after said paper is due at midnight: ashamed; I won't be able to face him at all next Tuesday!

-Feeling of seeing my advisors and signing up for courses the first week this is possible: extreme satisfaction. (This is a first for me!)

-Feeling of getting a haircut: therapeutic

-Feeling of procrastinating by writing a list for LJ the night before quiz in Latin and midterm in medievel history: happiness
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