September 8th, 2014

forgot to sleep by amaralen

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Now that I have my provisional license, they let me go on roads now. I swear, the last time I did something simultameously as exciting and as terrifying as going 40 kph was when I interviewed for this job. It's so fast! And the steering of the modified Mazda Axela that I'd thought was so sluggish when we drove on the closed course suddenly felt super-responsive. Of course, the next day I had to drive at 60 kph, and then when I went back to a 40 kph road, I found myself doing 45 without even noticing it.

Also, I swear I need to buy a day-glo outfit ASAP. I guess I always assumed that drivers had some sort of secret view panel that they used when they drive at night, and I can't see a thing out the windows, but no, even from the driver's seat I could hardly see anything beside the lines on the road and the streetlights. We passed by a guy wearing a light blue shirt, and he was invisible until I was almost on top of him.

Also, I have no idea how to handle things when it's ambiguous whether you should go or let the other person go. Like, say you're driving by a store, and someone wants to get out. How do you know whether it's safer to let them out or to just drive by? Even when I had the right of way and someone coming from the opposite direction wanted to make a right turn, if they just made a right turn anyway, they could potentially crash into my car, and they were crawling by fast enough that I didn't feel safe going. Of course you have to go by when it's your turn, because otherwise everyone who wants to make a right turn will do it, and then you and everyone else behind you will miss the rest of the green light. But some people will make their right turn anyway, so you can't just go by at high speed. But then if you look like you're hesitating, people are more likely to do it. I don't understand this at all.

Anyway! I'm so happy that I'm finally doing this!