October 25th, 2014

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I am right now nervously waiting for the results of my driving test. Last week I took it, and except for one or two oddly-timed yellows, everything was pretty smooth sailing until there was just one crosswalk that I didn't stop in time for, which means instant failure. So this time around I was a bundle of nerves for the whole test, and although I could stop for the aggressive pedestrians (and the normal ones too), everything else seemed really hard. Like, when you're the second in line at a light, and across from you there's a car that wants to make a right turn, do you let them through? Even stopping for a red light was awkward--I think I was almost rear ended once. I feel like if you fail once, you're more likely to fail again--it's been a week since I've even been in a car, and that was the day I failed the test the first time.

Edit: I passed!!! Now if I pass the written exam I'll get a license!!!