November 8th, 2014

was sleeping

driving situations where I don't know what to do

-Say you're driving along a 40 or 50 kph road and you want to go to a convenience store or something on your right (or on your left, for USians and other people who drive on the right). So you'd have to cross a lane of traffic that's going 50 kph in the opposite direction, while people behind you are assuming that they can keep driving straight at 50 kph. If you just stop in the middle of the road and wait for a gap in the oncoming cars, all the cars behind you pile up and start honking, and maybe some of them try to pass you. What should you do?

-What if you're at a light and you want to make a right turn, and the light in front of you is green, but there's another light at the start of the road you want to make a right turn onto, and it's red. What do you do?

-Is there a polite way to signal when you know you want to take the next left that comes up, but you don't know when that's going to be?

-You're going 20 kph on a 30 kph road, because it's a 2-way road that's barely wide enough for 1 car, and there's a steep ditch right at the side, and it's dark and hard to see. The car behind you wants to pass you. What do you do?