January 26th, 2015

forgot to sleep by amaralen


I just got a new bookshelf delivered (bookshelf, $40, delivery and assembly, $80), and I can't believe how happy I am!

I've been needing a new bookshelf for months. There were piles of books on every flat surface and in the corners of all of the rooms. I went through my whole apartment and gathered all the books that weren't in my other bookshelf, and found a lot of books I'd half forgotten about already. I'd also gotten rid of about 20 that just weren't doing it for me.

And now the ones I want all have a home! And somehow the process of going through all the books again, sorting them (manga, novels, cookbooks, study books, Go books, etc) has made about 20 more books I don't need appear, as well as a lot more of those delicious half-forgotten ones--about 40 of them! I feel so rich. If each of those were $5 (which is not the case, as some were $20, some were 1, and some were given to me by friends), that would be like $200, and I never spend $200 at the bookstore! (Well, almost never, anyway. That was just that one time, and three of the books from then that I'd been meaning to get to turned up again anyway.)

It feels so good for all of my books to have a proper home again! Now all of the books in my apartment are on shelves, except for the ones I'm going to give away, the ones I'm borrowing from friends, the big ones that don't fit, the library books, and the ones I'm reading now. And when I next need another book, I'll have all these waiting for me.