April 4th, 2015

was sleeping

Long drives

I got a few days off between the semesters, so there were a few places not too far away that I wanted to visit, plus having a car makes going anywhere easier. I wanted to visit Matsumoto, about an hour's drive away, because it has rock climbing, alpine slides, and some of the best bookstores and restaurants. I thought it would be an easy drive--it's only an hour, right? There wasn't even anything particularly difficult about it: a very long uphill, and a very long downhill and you're there. But I could not believe how exhausted I was by the end and how much I wanted to be anywhere but the driver's seat! What is it about a longish drive that's so hard, anyway?

A few days later I drove a third of the way to Nagoya. It's a four-hour car trip, or about seven hours by bus and train, since you have to take a bus, then a train in the wrong direction, before you can get on the train that goes there. I drove about a third of the way, for an hour and a half, to a city with a direct 2-hour train connection. Most of it was highway driving. Maybe it was because I knew the sort of mental effort that driving takes, maybe highways are just easier than normal roads, but I felt less tired after that hour and a half than I did after the 1 hour to Matsumoto.

How long was it before any of you got used to long drives? I know there's a huge amount of stuff within just a one-hour driving radius, and if I could handle a four-hour drive, I could go almost anywhere.