May 11th, 2015

was sleeping

food waste

Tomorrow is burnable trash collection day, and since food waste counts as burnable trash, that makes tonight a very good night to clean out the fridge. I threw out the following:

-about a third of a head of lettuce, gone bitter
-300 g of tofu, scarily beyond its expiration date
-5 eggs, weeks expired
-parsley I'd washed, enough to fill a 400 mL box, gone scary-looking
-about a quarter cup of heavy cream gone bad
-a box of strawberries gone moldy
-the peels from 2 udo, which I never got around to using back before they turned all brown and weird
-about 2 oz. of steamed chicken breast

It's ridiculous! I swear I must be shopping for at least 2 people and throwing away at least half of it! Most of it I don't even really understand why I have to throw it out. The strawberries, I forgot to put in the fridge when I bought them, then I went on an impulse Golden Week trip to Kanazawa, and when I got back they were bad, sure. The udo peels are tough and stringy and hard to use, sure. But tofu? Snack anytime! I had weeks of use! Eggs? I can think of at least 10 different ways to use any number of them off the top of my head-- they go in desserts like puddings and French toast, pancakes, as a major componant of pasta carbonara or Caesar salad, or on their own either as an omelette or a tamagoyaki, poached, scrambled, etc. So how did I not get around to finishing the box of 10? The parsley, I'd already washed and made nice, so I couldn've nibbled on it or used it as a garnish for anything for a while before it got all weird-- how did this not happen? What have I been living on, if not all the food in my fridge?

Do any of you have a thowing-out-too-much-food problem like this? Better, did any of you used to have a problem like this but got over it? Do I just need to always remember exactly what I've got in my fridge? I thought I'd been doing that, but somehow I'm still shopping for a whole family. I can't stand throwing away so much food!