June 9th, 2015

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I checked out a public pool today. I want to learn how to swim, and that means practice. I quit the gym that I'd been in after they stopped offering private swim lessons-- I tried their group lessons but felt so uncomfortable that I thought I'd be better off looking elsewhere altogether. In any case I am now looking for a place to practice swimming and someone to teach me.

This pool seemed fine, and I was happy that it even had private changing stalls, so you don't need to get naked in front of strangers. I never liked how the locker room was always so crowded in the gym.

So I paid, went in, put my stuff in a locker, and went to look for the shower I'd use before going in. The only ones were by the pool, with no soap. I asked a staff person what was going on, and he said that if I wanted to shower with soap before swimming, I was welcome to use the showers upstairs, but people generally just rinsed with water.

I felt so disgusted I just left. This is a popular pool, and there were lots of people in it even then! I would not want to immerse my face in water that hundreds of unwashed people have wallowed through!

Thoughts? Am I just being germophobic? Or would you do the same?